10W Motorcycle LED Indicator Load Resistors


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2pcs 12V Motorcycle Turn Signal Indicator LED Load Resistor Flash Blinker Fix Error

Slows down the flash rate when moving from bulb to LED indicators
Adapt your existing relay unit instead of replacing original equipment.
One resistor is required per indicator on most bikes, but some bikes might require more than one per indicator depending on the original wattage and other aftermarket LED indicators/resistors fitted.
Bullet connectors for easy installation
2 x Resistors Supplied for either Front or Rear (2 sets required if you have LEDS on front & rear of bike)

Colour: Black
Quantity:2 pcs
Dimensions:approx. 53 x 9 x 9 mm
Wire length:Approx.21.5cm
Voltage:DC 12V
Package Included:
2 X LED Indicator Resistor


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